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Michael B. Pearson 2-D Award

Michael B. Pearson Watercolor Painter and Instructor endorsed by the North Augusta Artists Guild

The North Augusta Artists Guild began an eight year relationship with Michael Pearson in 2010 when the Guild endorsed her first watercolor workshop held at the North Augusta Community Center. Michael was a sought after teacher for floral techniques, pen and ink, and acrylics and was a favorite instructor for many artists in this area. When she offered her fourth 3-day workshop on exploring techniques, composition and intuition vs. planning, a regular group of students formed and participated whenever they could attend and an annual visit with Michael became a reality. In 2016, the Guild was fortunate to have Michael serve as our Fall Into Art Show Judge.

We were saddened to learn of her passing this summer and will miss her visits and workshops. Because of this wonderful relationship, the North Augusta Artists Guild offered the first Michael B. Pearson 2-D Award at the Eleventh Annual Fall Into Art Show on November 8. It was an honor to have her family attend this event and have her daughter, Carrie Scarborough, present the first ribbon. The recipient of the award is Dorothy Eckmann for her hand woven wall hanging "Movement". With her husband's (LTC Robert Pearson) generosity and other  members of the art community, the award will become a part of the Fall Into Art Show for  many years.


Bruno & Carrie Scarborough (L), Mike & Wendy Cunico with LTC Robert Pearson


Beth Jones, Michael's Watercolor Workshop Coordinator for the Guild (L) with LTC Robert Pearson and Carrie Scarborough


Kay Lovingood, President of the North Augusta Artists Guild, with LTC Robert Pearson and Carrie Scarborough


October 10-October 12, 2017 Pen & Ink Watercolor (L) Henry Gaines, Deedee Seals, Kaye Ward,Jane Waldrop, Michael, Beth Jones, Pam Potts, Wendy Cunico




February 22- February 24, 2016 Nature in Batik Watercolor (L) Beth Coulter, Jeannette Goad, Michael, Lizabeth Thomson, Wendy Cunico, Mary McCullah and Beth Jones, Photographer


March 1- March 3, 2015 Watercolor Explosions


January 28, March 4, May 6, 2013 Exploring Watercolor Techniques, Composition, Intuition vs Planning (L) Kaye Ward, Henry Gaines, Jeannette Goad, Jill Gunn, Michael, Wendy Cunico, Beth Jones, Wilma Combs

Michael Pearson teaches Color Theory June 28, 29 and 30, 2011